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The cost of living is on the rise, and it isn’t life’s little luxuries that are causing so many consumers to feel that pinch; it’s absolute necessities like housing, food, and technology. Those who are looking for ways to cut down on costs may be interested to learn that the one area of modern life that has demonstrated the highest increase in the cost of living can be attributed to driving. Read on to find out about a few ways to start combating the rising cost of owning and driving a car below.

Changing Tires

Most drivers who are pinching pennies in other areas of their lives tend to go for the cheapest possible tires when it’s time to replace their old ones. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. Purchasing sub-par tires doesn’t just lead to sacrifices in areas like braking distance and vehicle handling; it also leads to higher fuel consumption.

Thankfully, tire manufacturers provide a simple solution: all decent brands of tires are imprinted with a fuel economy rating, ranging from A to G. Drivers looking to buy new tires should always look for tires with A ratings and pass up G rated tires at all costs. The amount of money they’ll save on fuel, in the long run, will certainly outdistance the higher initial investment cost of purchasing better tires.

Stick with Standard Fuel

Simply put, premium fuel is a rip off for any driver who isn’t planning on using their car at the track. While premium fuel claims to offer better performance and gas economy, in reality, the difference is negligible. Today’s cars are specifically designed to run on standard fuels, so save those extra pennies for something more important.

Slow Down

If there’s one sure-fire way of wearing out an engine faster than necessary, it’s speeding up as quickly as possible in winter weather. Of course, speed racing takes a significant toll on fuel economy even in the warmer summer months, but in the winter it also causes significant wear to a car’s engine. No driver wants to wear out his or her car any faster than necessary, so sacrifice those extra ten minutes to time to slow down on that next drive.

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