Net Neutrality and Video Sharing Sites


If you believe the Internet should remain a free and open platform for everyone, you need to learn about Get Miro.

Whether your video masterpiece is your baby’s birthday party, or your company’s marketing demonstration, internet video is getting easier to distribute all the time. As video producers, we applaud the opportunity to share our unique visions.

Video producers who stake out an Internet audience need to be concerned with net neutrality and help ensure that the direction of the net continues toward openness. Easy distribution of individually produced video gives anyone who wants it a voice.

That’s what Get Miro says they are all about. The site is a non profit dedicated especially to providing anybody and everybody a platform for their internet video. Their mission statement includes the goal to “open media and culture to more people than ever before.” Unlike commercial sites, Get Miro actively promotes maintaining the Internet as an open source platform for the little guy. They want to make sure no voice is ever silenced by the elite, rich and powerful.

That’s indeed a noble goal we should all actively pursue. The Internet needs to remain free from corporate domination and control. Get Miro is operated by the Participatory Culture Foundation, PCF, based in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Their dream is to build a new, open mass medium of online television. To do that, they operate the Miro internet TV platform, which is “designed to make watching internet video channels as easy as watching TV.” They make it easy for anyone to operate an individualized, personal broadcasting channel. Unlike expensive-to-produce traditional TV, everyone willing to post an online video will have a voice. According to their website, Get Miro’s decision to go non-profit confirms their dedication to this goal. they say they’ve seen too many for-profit companies lose their values as financial pressures mount. Dedicated founders leave, or they get acquired by bottom-line obsessed companies. Go turn on any corporate TV news network and see if you don’t agree!

Unlike corporate media, PCF want to be accountable to their user community and the public. No venture capitalists or shareholders can force the board of directors to go in a direction that’s bad for users but good for the bottom line. Trust me when I promise you that is NOT Rupert Murdoch’s philosophy.

As television moves online, we face a crucial decision. Will it be open like the internet? Or will it be controlled by a small number of gatekeepers like cable and broadcast television? Think of all the diversity you find on the Internet now. I cringe at the thought of it disappearing but it could happen.

How would you feel if some bean counter somewhere decided you shouldn’t be wasting your time watching funny viral videos, so they shut it off.


Let’s all work hard to make sure that never happens.

Get Miro get my thumb’s up for their efforts.