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Improving Brand Awareness with Custom USB Drives If you are looking for a unique and creative way of increasing your brand awareness during trade shows, then you should consider flash drive giveaways. In trade shows, companies normally depend on flyers and brochures to advertise their services, let alone their brands. Brochures aren’t as effective since they the attendees might lose them easily while those who don’t have an immediate need for the product will definitely not need it. Custom USB drives bring about a new form of giveaway that nobody would lose that easily. Besides, the brand name will be remembered by anyone who gets access to the USB flash drive. It is important that you implement a creative design for your USB so that it gets the attention it deserves. Model on the products that you have, for example, if you are dealing with beverages, you can design USB drives that are in the shape of bottles. The replica will definitely catch many people’s attention hence increase brand awareness. When it comes to design, the possibilities are endless. However, just make sure to add your contact information, including the web address of your business for maximum reach. Store a couple of documents, video, and any other media that can showcase your brand in the flash drive. You can also include images and other material that you feel will have the person wanting to associate with your brand. Another way of ensuring that the giveaways showcases your brand is to customize the flash drive in a way that it displays your company’s logo when it is plugged into a computer.
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The material you use in making the flash drive should also be carefully considered. Go for a material that is tough and long lasting since you want your brand name to stay on the flash drive for a long time. Some of the materials that are readily available in the market include leather, metal, plastic, rubber, and wood. Once you have settled on the material, determine the manner in which information will be branded on the drive. You need to ensure that your company name and contact information are branded in a quality fashion to improve their chances of staying for longer.
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Since many companies only give away pens, t-shirts, and cups, among similar things at giveaways, giving away flash drives definitely puts your company on a completely different level. You’re giving away something that the users won’t just store away and forget about easily. The flash drive will be used for a very long time and during this period, it will continue serving as a form of advertisement.