Expand Your Neuro Net, Expand Your Consciousness

So what is our neuro net (NN)? How is it connected to consciousness? How does it work and how can I use it to develop my mental skills and improve my life?

In simple terms, your NN is pretty much that, it’s a neurological ‘net’ which we are using in every single moment to ‘capture’ only a very very small chunk of the millions of bits of information that is coming to us from our senses at any one moment.

The NN that you currently have is an extremely complicated set of circuitry that is the result of many influences in your environment, mostly from your past during the most impressionable years of your childhood. It has been shown that much of our ‘brain wiring’ is complete by the age of 7. However, science has long since established a term called ‘Neuro Plasticity’. This basically means that the neurological wiring of the brain is not fixed but changeable and malleable, able to make new connections and discard old ones. We are very capable as human beings to reinforce neural path ways and connections in the brain, disconnect current path ways or create completely new ones leading to new skills, experiences and growth.

The nature of every single human beings NN basically determines our experience of reality. The characteristics of our neuro net plays a major role in not only channelling our focus in the environment around us, but it also determines what meaning we attach to the information that is coming in from our 5 senses. After all, as we all know, the information coming into our brains from sight, sound, touch, taste and hearing, are all simply electrical impulses making their way to our brain. How we use those electrical impulses to interact with our world is purely a function of our NN.

An abundance of psychological research has described a process by which we as humans distort, delete and generalize during every wakeful moment. This is a very important function as it allows us to pick and choose from the millions of bits of information that is coming to us for the purpose of allowing us to function in a normal way.

From the very day we enter this world the process of creating our NN via deleting, distorting and generalizing incoming information begins. It expands and grows at an amazing rate and then starts to slow down as the wiring of our brain becomes more ‘fixed’. As we develop we also begin to establish for ourselves, often from external sources, beliefs, awareness and perspectives based on those beliefs which also have a very intimate role to play in creating and reinforcing our NN.

As we get older and move through our lives, our NN, awareness, beliefs and perspective all intermingle to facilitate an experience of our life. Any information that we become aware, or conscious of, then goes through the filter, or NN, of deletion, distortion and generalization. And then like any net, some bits of information will be filtered through the net, others will be captured by it. Once it has been ‘captured’ so-to-speak, you will either take that information on or not, make it part of you perspective or not.

So how can you use this knowledge in your every day life? Well, the answer is simple. The more you can expand, make changes and adjust your NN, awareness and hence your consciousness, the richer your life experience will be. The more you will begin to experience yourself as the creator of your own reality which you determine by what you focus on. If there is an area of your life that you are currently less than pleased with, it can be helpful to just stop for a moment, consider your information NN and realise that you can change any situation in your life by developing, adjusting and augmenting your current NN.

Albert Einstein himself said that no problem can be solved with the same level of thinking that created it. What he was basically saying is that any problem you are currently experiencing is simply a result of your current NN. To change your situation and experience something new, you need to develop a new type of thinking, a new NN so you can start to notice information and opportunities you may not have noticed before.

It’s important to know that it’s a very gradual process. Your current NN has been developed over many years and is unlikely to change over night. But by simply becoming aware of this process of your brain, it can facilitate the establishment of new connections. As these connections get reinforced they will then become the dominate pathways that lead to an elevated consciousness and functioning.